Who are Rudi and Jenny?

Who are Rudi and Jenny?

They are the co-creators of www.threeprinciplesmovies.com, and have been around the “Three Principles” understanding for over 10 years, having originally trained with the late Dr Roger Mills and the late Sydney Banks. They train facilitators in the understanding and have had the pleasure of sharing in a wide diversity of fields from addiction groups and jails to international companies and government organisations!

Watch this webinar with Rudi and Jenny about how to be authentic and get a genuine connection

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Personal Story regarding relationships from Rudi

“My relationship with my wife and indeed the relationship I had with my family members and work colleagues were anything other than ‘effortless’. In fact they were hard with a lot of conflict and disagreement. That relationships could be effortless was not something I would have believed could be possible given my family, or position!

But now I know it is possible, not just for me but for all of us. Our time away visiting homeless, jail inmates and abused families have give us an experiential understanding of the capacity of human potential and resilience and how a simple understanding can go a long way!

We feel honoured to have a weekend with you. It will not be what we are saying so much, but what will be waking up within you that will carry your resilience and improved relationships way beyond the weekend and into your daily life.”