Effortless Relationships

What’s different about this course to all the other courses promising transformation and happiness?

1) It works! (please see research below)
2) In points to an ‘inside-out’ understanding of potential and evolution that is a new paradigm in how we work as humans, it is the cutting edge of human functioning that looks to fundamental principles or truths, rather than techniques, step and ideas. It looks at a universal truth, not personal development.
3) It offers an authentic, genuine uncovering of an already present potential, rather than ‘tying’ to do or be better or change ourselves.

Who’s it for?

Coaches/therapists/facilitators who wish to simplify and get more impact with their clients
Principle based coaches/facilitators who wish to get more clarity about the three principles understanding
Couples who wish to have a more connected, loving and effortless relationships
Anyone who wants easier relationships with their own mind and others
Anyone wanting more sustainable peace of mind and mental wellbeing

Does it work?

90% increase in remaining calm under pressure
82% of people reported significant increases in self esteem and positive change in marriage and personal relationships (even after 6 years).
80% reduction in school truancy rates
Statistically significant improvements in wellbeing, resilience and peace of mind

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What will you learn?

The course will not give you a set of to-dos, any theories or techniques to learn, nor any steps to apply or follow. It will point to a revolutionary and ground breaking understanding of the mind that has already transformed every field of human endeavour. In essence it not only sustainably elevates our clarity of mind and quality of life but gives a “ground” through which ones own psychological experience of life transforms from the inside out.

What can you experience?

  • more peace of mind
  • a lot less unproductive thinking habits
  • greater spiritual connection with yourself and others

This elevated “state of mind” or “being conscious” allows us to be more responsive rather than reactive, more creative rather than “stuck” and provides the foundation through which all our relationships improve.